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Syndication Inc. (SYNJ.PK), founded in 1999, is a unique consulting Company that specializes in project development services for client companies both private and public. The Company’s rare equity dividend policy acts both to reduce the investors risk while providing shareholders with the unique ability to participate in the stock distribution of both the parent company (Syndication), and the client companies that engage us for our consulting services. From time to time the Company will acquire controlling interests or participate in the creation of client company projects. It also assists client companies in evaluating, structuring, and negotiating joint ventures, strategic alliances, joint marketing agreements and other corporate transactions. We also provide advice on corporate finance, financial reporting, and accounting operations.

The range of consulting services offered by the company include:

  • Reverse Mergers and acquisitions

  • Specific asset acquisitions

  • Capital Investment

  • Debt Investment

  • Market development

  • Transfer Agent Service Advice

  • Management and Management Placement

  • Development and implementation of business models

  • Information technology

  • Internet marketplace and technology.

Dividend Equity Distributions: Syndication Inc. offers its shareholders one of the most advanced and uniquely innovative “Equity Dividend Distribution” programs ever initiated. In the course of its consulting business Syndication often receives along with cash for services, an equity ownership in the form of the client company’s Common Stock. Syndication will then share that interest in the form of a “Multiple Company Equity Dividend Distribution” or Combo Dividend, with its shareholders of record. The program is designed to reward our shareholders for their continued interest and support, reduce the risk of the shareholder investing in the Company’s stock, and establish policy designed to encourage a long term investment posture. It is our ultimate goal to issue, in quarterly increments, a total of 7.5% to 10% ownership annually and supplement those dividends with ownership in multiple other Companies.

Dilution; we want to make shareholders aware that changes in the capitalization structure of Syndication (the Parent Company), will have no effect on the Client Company dividend shares issued as a Combination Dividend.

For additional information on Syndication’s Dividend program including our Blanket Legal Opinion for lifting the Rule 144 restriction on your dividend shares go to the DIVIDEND TAB.

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